One way to distinguish a rancher’s cattle from his neighbor’s, branding is now the mainstream identity of your business, (or in this case, your practice). The goal, however, is the same – to distinguish your practice and to stand out from the competition.


We  help our clients create a platform that acts as the foundation of the brand, including vision, differentiation, promise and personality. Then we create the message and positioning that fits our clients’ brands framework.

In the brand identity stage, we help our clients’ practices with everything from the name to the logo to creating a brand identity book that will ensure consistency for years to come.

A logo helps distinguish our clients’ practice and serves as the icon of their brand. Logo design is our specialty. Whether it is a logo designed from scratch, an updated design, or simply a digital rendering of a current logo, we offer a few different packages to suit your company’s needs.

All of our designs are done in a vector format so that they can be resized and scaled as needed without any distortion or decline in the quality of design.

Stubenbordt Medical Marketing offers design services for the creation of our clients flyers, newspaper and magazine advertisements, business cards, postcards, office brochures, direct mail and more. Our experienced designers can customize any print project into a valuable, eye-catching marketing material.
Here’s the low down on social media. No big secret, it’s supposed to be social. You have to interact, comment, like and discuss events happening in real time – near you. No one can be in your practice like someone from your practice. Our social media philosophy is a two-part method.

This ensures that you pages are always optimized with the latest social media changes, while remaining relevant to your fans and followers.

When a patient steps into your office, people are immediately greeted by a welcoming environment from your staff to your décor and overall atmosphere. Since consumers turn to the web more than ever for information, your website should do the same. Your website is quickly becoming the first impression and face of the modern practice. Mobile integration, custom photography, typography, colors, and an aesthetically pleasing design all play an integral role into getting a patient to ditch an online portal, and actually step through the doors of your office.

Search engines are a constantly changing landscape. Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, which account for the vast majority of internet searches, tweak their search algorithms frequently to help provide the best user experience. These algorithms include factors like historical data, keyword matching, and many more.

Your site can be great, but it will do you no good if nobody sees it. The purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) is to make your website rank higher on a search engine results page (SERP). Because search engine algorithms are wise to manipulation by web designers, the best way to rank highly is to make your page relevant. Relevance is refined through page content, appropriate meta tags, and links from other associated websites.

Local targeting is paramount to SEO success. If you’re a dentist, then you don’t want to try to target the entire world when someone is looking for a dentist, nor does the search engine user want that. You want to reach people close to you who could benefit from the services you provide. To that end, Google has placed a great deal of emphasis on local search. Furthermore, to benefit its users, Google is also looking for websites that are mobile-friendly. Our websites at Stubenbordt Medical Marketing now feature responsive design, optimizing the appearance for all devices.

Improve the visibility of your website through effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Go to the experts at Stubenbordt Consulting to ensure you target what your patients are searching for.

Search Engine Marketing can get you leads. As most people are aware, Google is one of the largest companies in the world. Its primary source of income is its advertising platform AdWords. AdWords displays pay-per-click (PPC) ads side-by-side with Google’s organic results, allowing more people to fine your site. AdWords and various platforms like it are called Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and are offered on all major search engines.

Correctly configured, SEM campaigns can target consumers at any stage of the buying cycle. Search Engine Marketing has a great deal of potential, and can generate cost-effective leads for almost any business. Our agency is a Google Partner, certified in AdWords, and can help you reach your goals through SEM.

The average person spends 4.5 hours a day watching TV. That’s 4 whole hours for you to reach your audience with your message. Like no other medium, people really do believe what they see on TV.

Stubenbordt Medical Marketing is the leader in creating new, novel, and unique commercials. We have the experience, talent and technology to write, cast, shoot, direct, and edit a commercial that people will remember. We use our own HD camera equipment and lighting to make ourselves more flexible and mobile. Our mobility means that our clients’ commercials can be shot right from their own practices.

Because we do everything in-house, our production cost is much lower than our competitions. If you have any questions about working with Stubenbordt Medical Marketing to bring your next commercial to life feel free to give us a call or email, so we can discuss what options are best for you.

Radio continues to be one of the most effective mediums. The great thing about radio is that it is inexpensive yet powerful. You can also reach a large number of people (reach) many times (frequency) in a very cost-efficient manner.

Reach + Frequency = Success

Stubenbordt Medical Marketing has the knowledge and experience to create memorable radio commercials and can manage each aspect of development — from concept to production. We provide script development, casting, and can record the spot right from our client’s own practice. If you have any questions about working with Stubenbordt Medical Marketing to bring your next commercial to life feel free to give us a call or email, so we can discuss what options are best for you.

Media planning and buying isn’t 100% about reaching the most people, it’s about reaching and motivating the right people. The perfect media plan begins with extensive research of the practice, market and mediums in that market.

“It takes great imagination to create a unique innovative plan.”

At Stubenbordt Medical Marketing we are not restricted to your typical textbook media plans. Instead, we recognize needs and create unique media plans utilizing a variety of advertising mediums.When it comes to the buying process, we work hard to negotiate the best price for you while respecting our vendors. We purchase and plan media in the following categories.

The average cost per new patient inquiry is $200. In other words, it costs about $200 to make your phone ring once. Now, imagine your phone ringing, and no one answers it. That’s why we start working with our clients by understanding the unique characteristics of their practice, management team and target market.

We build a solid foundation starting with the internal marketing staff. Some practices never make it, not because of a poor advertising campaign, but because the staff is not properly trained to convert those inbound calls into consultations and those consultations into surgeries.

Sometimes just having the right person in the driver’s seat is all our clients need to take their practice to the next level.